I suppose every blog owner knows what "dofollow' is. Since I switch all my blogs to this mode, I suppose I will post a quick how-to on enabling this mode for Drupal right here, in my blog.

Do you have important data to store?

The question is a rhetoric one. If you haven't yet backed up your important data, you should think well over this saying: There are two kinds of people. Those who haven't yet lost important data, and those who make backups often.

Oh well, I can tell a bit more about myself. I am a writer and a system administrator, so I combine the paranoia of both. I write my works either in LyX or in Geany. I use subversion to keep all the versions of both my source code and fiction works. Oh yes, I also use Truecrypt and GNU Privacy Guard to make sure no one can read my most private data easily.

Fine. So far my paranoia is satisfied. However, the final question: where to store the backups reliably? Many years of thinking led me to the below answer:

Book - The ultimate data storage device

This blog, COMputers and COMmunication, is being totally remade. From scratch.

It is remade to become a blog dedicated to exactly what is mentioned in its title: human beings communication, computer technologies and the way the latter affect the former.

I also recommend: Dostoevsky`s Heroes

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